Briggs sponsors head, neck and mouth cancer awareness event at Holyrood

News release from Miles Briggs MSP:

Briggs sponsors head, neck and mouth cancer awareness event at Holyrood

Miles Briggs, Lothian MSP and the Shadow Health Secretary, today hosted an awareness raising event for MSPs and staff at Holyrood on head, neck and mouth cancer. The event was attended by charity and pharmaceutical representatives including Professor Victor Lopes from Let’s Talk About Mouth Cancer – a charity which aims to improve the prognosis of people diagnosed with mouth cancer through early detection- and Liz Grant from TRACTion Cancer Support, a recently established charity supporting patients suffering with cancer of the aerodigestive tract (head and neck, oesophagus, stomach).

Speaking afterwards Miles said:

“ I was pleased that some fantastic cancer awareness charities were able to join me at Holyrood today to help increase awareness and understanding of some lesser known cancers.

“ The theme of the event was ‘Check to Protect’- how to spot the signs if head and neck cancer.

“ As with all cancers, early detection is vital for successful treatment and there is clearly more work to be done here in relation to head and neck cancer. 1, 239 people in Scotland were diagnosed with head and neck cancer in 2014 and there was a 10.7% increase in incidence from 2004 to 2014 and a concerning increase in mortality also.”


* More information on how to check for signs of these cancers is available here:

* Please find attached a photograph of Miles and charity representatives with MSP colleagues at the event.

Miles Briggs