Briggs Commends the Work done by Pancreatic Cancer Charities

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative & Unionist MSP for Lothian, today welcomes that 2017 has seen the biggest ever UK research investment, by Cancer Research UK, into the treatment of pancreatic cancer.  Miles pays tribute to Lynda Murray and Kim Rowan for highlighting the struggles for family members who have lost loved ones to pancreatic cancer. Miles brings to attention the suggested improvements in treating pancreatic cancer and the progress that still needs to be made. Miles was speaking in a Member’s debate on the subject initiated by Scottish National Party MSP Clare Adamson.

Speaking at Holyrood Miles said:

“I am very pleased that 2017 has seen a potential step change in the future treatment of pancreatic cancer following the biggest ever UK research investment by Cancer Research UK into the disease- some £10 million. PRECISION-Panc is an ambitious programme of research that seeks to uncover the molecular profile of individual patients with pancreatic cancer, learn more about the disease and pave the way for patients entering clinical trials in a way that matches their tumour biology to the type of treatment. This world leading research is being led by Professor Andrew Biankin and his team at the University of Glasgow and all of us will wish it every success. With some experts warning that pancreatic cancer could become one of the UK’s top four cancer killers by 2026, the outcome of PRECISION-Panc is of huge importance.”

“Pancreatic Cancer UK is actively involved in our Cancer CPG and does excellent work in raising the profile of issues around the disease. I want to pay tribute in particular to two stakeholders involved in Pancreatic Cancer UK, Lynda Murray and Kim Rowan, who attend the CPG and who have direct experience of the impact of pancreatic cancer on family members and friends. In preparing for today’s debate they have highlighted the struggles of family members who have lost loved ones to the disease. Lynda bravely produced a report on her late father, William Begley’s journey through pancreatic cancer and I was pleased to be able to forward a copy of this report to the Health Secretary and to follow up some of the suggested improvements it recommends through Parliamentary questions.”

“And families and friends of those lost to pancreatic cancer are very clear that there are significant improvements required to improve the current treatment of those with pancreatic cancer in Scotland. Specifically, they would like to see the Scottish Government take a lead in developing a multi-disciplinary diagnostic centre-approach for pancreatic cancer, consider targets for survival rates for less survivable cancers such as pancreatic cancer and be ready to copy the fast track surgery model currently being piloted south of the border if the evidence points to this being successful. They also want to see an end to delays in receiving MRI scans and a reduction in waiting times for chemotherapy treatment for patients with suspected and diagnosed pancreatic cancer. I would be grateful for the Minister’s comments on these matters when they close this debate.

“In conclusion, I very much welcome today’s debate and the focus on pancreatic cancer. I hope this debate and Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month will help get more people in communities across Scotland talking about the disease and its potential symptoms. There is much progress that needs to be made in the years ahead and I hope MSPs from across the chamber will continue to speak out about this and keep the pressure on Ministers.”


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Miles Briggs