Tories call for 2017 to be the last Christmas without Frank’s Law

News Release from Miles Briggs MSP:

Tories call for 2017 to be the last Christmas without Frank’s Law

Scottish Conservatives have called on the SNP Scottish Government to implement Frank’s Law in 2018 . Under SNP proposals people under 65 with terminal conditions who require personal care will have to wait until April 2019 before they have access to free personal care.

Currently people under 65 who have conditions such as dementia, motor neurone disease, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis and cancer have to pay for their own personal care. The Scottish Government, which initially opposed the access of under 65’s to free personal care, agreed in September to implement the Frank’s Law in 2019. This decision came after years of campaigning by Amanda Kopel and the Frank’s Law Campaign. Amanda’s husband Frank, who gave his name to the campaign, passed away three years ago having been diagnosed with dementia at the age of 59.

Scottish Conservative shadow health secretary Miles Briggs MSP said:

“While the belated decision by the SNP Scottish Government to commit to introducing Frank’s Law is welcome, I am very concerned the extension of free personal care will not come into force and be a reality for individuals and families who desperately need it until April 2019.

“In Scotland there are over 9,000 individuals who need Frank’s Law today. Frank’s Law is needed today it was needed yesterday, a delay of more than 18 months just isn’t good enough.

“For many 2019 will be too late and they will sadly die without the support in place and the dignity and respect they deserve.   

“That is why Scottish Conservatives are calling on the SNP Scottish Government to commit to introducing Frank’s Law in 2018 – Ruth Davidson has said that we will work with the Scottish Government to achieve this and I hope SNP Ministers will make this a key priority in 2018.    

“The Scottish Government should take all the actions necessary, and look at all the mechanisms, to ensure that families do not go through another Christmas having to pay for personal care for under 65’s. Scottish Conservatives are determined that Scotland should not see another Christmas without Frank’s Law being in place.”

Amanda Kopel said:

“I am asking, I am begging and I am pleading for Frank’s Law to be brought forward and implemented in 2018.

“It is disgraceful that the Scottish Government are waiting till 2019 to implement Frank’s Law, when it is feasible and affordable to implement it in 2018.

“They have had enough time to put it in place.

“The Scottish National Party promises this that and the other, but it is all whitewash and I am appalled that people under 65 who require free personal care will have to wait another year, some who will not survive until 2019”


Miles Briggs