Briggs and Kerr Welcome £240,000 Funding for “New Museum for Royal Linlithgow” Project

News Release from Miles Briggs:

Briggs and Kerr Welcome £240,000 Funding for “New Museum for Royal Linlithgow” Project

Linlithgow Heritage Trust have been awarded £240,000 from the National Lottery for the “New Museum of Royal Linlithgow” project.  The museum will be relocated from Annet House to the new Linlithgow Partnership Centre and is planned to is be in place by the end of 2018. The new museum will have state of the art technology and allow visitors to explore the history of Linlithgow and the surrounding area. Miles tabled a congratulatory motion this morning in Parliament.

Miles Briggs MSP comments:

“I am delighted that the Linlithgow Heritage Trust has been awarded funding for the new museum.

“The new museum will be a great addition to the Linlithgow Partnership Centre and will be excellent for teaching people about Linlithgow’s rich history and culture.”

Councillor Tom Kerr, West Lothian Provost and Councillor, comments:

“This is excellent news, the Trust will be delighted and I welcome this award to a very enthusiastic group of volunteers.

“The move from Annet house to new premises in the Linlithgow Partnership Centre will provide improved facilities.

“The Trust has long record of providing fantastic presentations on the history of the town. They have worked very hard to raise the required funding for the move and I look forward to visiting the New Museum.”


Title: Linlithgow Heritage Trust Secures £240,000 Funding for “New Museum for Royal Linlithgow” Project


That the Parliament congratulates Linlithgow Heritage Trust on securing £240,000 from the National Lottery’s Heritage Lottery Fund for its “New Museum for Royal Linlithgow” project; understands that the museum will be located in the new Linlithgow Partnership Centre; notes that the museum is planned to be in place by the end of 2018; commends all involved in the Linlithgow Heritage Trust for their hard work and commitment, and considers that the New Museum will provide an important boost to Linlithgow and district, will help attract more tourists and will become a valuable and attractive part of West Lothian’s vibrant cultural and heritage offering.

Miles Briggs