Briggs urges West Lothian and Midlothian constituents to contact him if concerned about local phone box removal

It was revealed today that BT is planning to remove around a further fifth of public phone boxes across Scotland with 44 in West Lothian and 17 in Midlothian earmarked for removal. Miles is urging constituents in affected communities who have concerns about any removal to contact him so he can make representations to BT. He is also calling again for communities to consider adopting redundant phone boxes as locations for community defibrillators.

Speaking today Miles said:

“ While all of us understand that the usage of public phone boxes has reduced substantially in recent years due to the rise in mobile telephony, there are still many pockets across Lothian where mobile coverage is patchy or non-existent. If any constituents have concerns about the removal of individual phone boxes in their communities, I would be happy to hear from them so I can make representations to BT on this.

“ I welcome the fact that BT is discussing a number of ‘Adopt a Kiosk’ requests in Midlothian and West Lothian and hope these can move ahead.

“ I previously wrote to BT asking for them to back local communities who wished to use redundant phone boxes as locations for community defibrillators and I am pleased that they are happy to work with local people to facilitate this.

“ I believe that the provision of more community defibrillators is an important issue and particularly so in the more rural parts of the region where many of the phone boxes BT is planning to remove are based in these areas.

“ If any local community council or other group wishes to adopt a phone box earmarked for closure and install a defibrillator, I would also be happy to hear from them and put them in touch with BT and other organisations that might be able to assist.”

Miles Briggs