Briggs welcomes UK government’s £100 million boost for worldwide polio elimination push.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative & Unionist MSP for Lothian, is welcoming the recent announcement of an extra £100 million from the UK Government to help end polio worldwide for good. It is hoped the investment, which will support immunising 45 million children each year until 2020, will pave the way to the world being certified polio-free in 2020. Bill Gates, whose foundation helps deliver the programme, has described the UK’s extra funding as “fantastic”. Miles has today tabled a motion at Holyrood highlighting the additional investment.

Speaking today Miles said;

“ It is fantastic that the UK is at the forefront of a global effort to wipe out polio by 2020.

“ Huge progress has been made since 1988 when the international programme against polio transmission began and it has been a major success story with the number of people contracting the disease reducing by 99.9%.

“ This extra investment will focus on countries where polio still remains a threat, mainly Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan, and I hope that by 2020 we can all be celebrating as polio becomes the second human disease, after small pox, to be eradicated.”


* Please see a copy of the motion as tabled by Miles today.

Motion Number: S5M-07085
Lodged By: Miles Briggs
Date Lodged: 10/08/2017

Title: UK Government’s £100 Million Push to Eliminate Polio

Motion Text:

That the Parliament welcomes the announcement of an extra £100 million from the UK Government to help eliminate polio worldwide; understands that this will support the immunisation of up to 45 million children until 2020, when it is hoped that the world can be declared polio-free; notes that the contribution will be channelled through the World Health Organization’s Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI), which is a public-private partnership led by five partners, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; understands that Mr Gates has described the UK’s investment as “fantastic”; welcomes the news that, since the GPEI began, the number of cases has fallen by 99%, and that 80% of the world is now certified polio-free; commends the contribution of people in Lothian and throughout Scotland who have worked across the world to help prevent the spread of the condition and raise funds for this cause, and looks forward to the day when the world is declared polio-free.

Miles Briggs