Briggs raises future of under-threat Edinburgh-based charity Kindred with Scottish Government.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative & Unionist MSP for Lothian, has written to the Scottish Government about the future of Edinburgh based charity Kindred which is facing a funding crisis. The parent-led charity supports families with disabilities and long term conditions and has a team based at Edinburgh’s Sick Kids’ Hospital. Unless it raises around £40,000.00 by October this year the charity faces making cuts to its services and potentially making staff redundant. It has also launched an emergency public appeal to raise these additional funds.

Speaking today Miles said:

“ In the last few days I have received many letters and emails from Lothian constituents who are deeply concerned about the future of Kindred and fear the loss of its services and its experienced staff members.

“ Many parents of disabled children have told me about the fantastic support their family has received from Kindred and the huge difference this has made to them while their child has been in hospital. It is clear that Kindred provides a very valuable service that benefits hundreds of families each year.

“ I have written to the Scottish Government asking them if there is any emergency or bridging funding that they can provide to help ensure Kindred can get through the next few months without reducing its services or cutting staff as it seeks to put its finances on a more secure long term footing. I hope that Ministers will do whatever they can to support the good work of this charity and avoid the loss of services or hardworking and knowledgeable staff members.”


* Details of the charity and its funding appeal can be found here:

Miles Briggs