Briggs Commends Researchers at The University of Edinburgh on New Approach for Detecting the Cause of Strokes

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have discovered two simple tests that can pinpoint  what has caused a stroke. A blood test and a brain scan can provide genetic information identifying those most at risk of a second stroke. This has major implication for how doctors look after patients who are at risk of strokes caused by bleeding in the brain, intracerebral haemorrhage (ICH), which accounts for up to 50% of strokes worldwide.

“This research is another example of the world renowned research that is carried out at the University of Edinburgh.

“Being able to identify those most at risk of a second stroke from bleeding in the brain, the cause of about half of all strokes, is incredibly important for how doctors care for these patients.

“I thank the Medical Research Council, Stroke Association and Wellcome Trust for funding the study.”


Miles Briggs