Briggs Backs Calls for Action to Increase Cycle Helmet Use

With many people receiving bicycles as Christmas gifts, Lothian MSP Miles Briggs is emphasising the importance of wearing cycle helmets to prevent cyclists involved in accidents suffering serious or even fatal head injuries. While wearing a helmet is not a legal requirement, their usage is encouraged in the Highway Code and by safety campaigners. A recent Parliamentary question lodged by Miles and answered by the Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousaf revealed that between 2013, when data on wearing helmets began to be collected in road accident statistics, and 2016 10 cyclists who were not wearing a helmet died in road accidents, 161 were seriously injured and 617 were slightly injured.

Commenting Miles Briggs MSP said:

“A properly fitting, securely fastened cycle helmet can prove to be a vital protection for the cyclist’s head if they are involved in a road accident and really can be a lifesaver. I encourage bike users of all ages to invest in a cycle helmet and hope that parents and guardians will ensure their children always wear one when they are cycling.

“A number of constituents in Lothian have contacted me to express their alarm at the increasing levels of cyclists they see riding their bikes without helmets and I share these concerns and will be working with constituents to press the Scottish Government to do more to encourage greater helmet use. In Edinburgh typically more than 200 cyclists are involved in road traffic accidents each year and in many cases the wearing of a helmet has prevented a far more serious injury affecting the cyclist.

“With cycling becoming more popular across Edinburgh, I hope the Scottish Government will agree to take the lead in ensuring fewer cyclists sustain injuries which could be prevented by wearing helmets.”


Miles Briggs