Children and Young People in Lothian have the Second longest Waiting Times for Mental Health Services in Scotland

The latest NHS Scotland figures have shown that children and young people in Scotland have the second longest waiting time for Mental Health Services. In NHS Lothian only 57% of children and young people are seen within the 18-week target, with the average wait being 16 weeks. NHS Lothian is significantly below the rest of Scotland that has 73% of children and young people being seen within the 18-week target across the rest of Scotland and an average waiting time of 12 weeks.

Miles Briggs comments:

“The waits being faced by many young people for a CAMHS appointment in NHS Lothian are completely unacceptable.

“Early access to support and talking therapies is vital if we are to prevent mild to moderate mental health challenges in our young people becoming more serious.

“It is very clear that the SNP government is failing too many of our young people and that more needs to be done to improve capacity and staffing across mental health service and address the unacceptable waiting times for treatment.”


Miles Briggs