One in Ten Patients is Waiting Over a Year and a Half to see a Stomach and Intestine Specialist

The average waiting time in NHS Lothian to see a Gastroenterology specialist is 243 days, with 10 per cent of patients having to wait over 545 days. For urgent cases the average waiting time is 71 days, with 10 per cent of patients having to wait 99 days or over.

Gastroenterologists investigate and diagnose the stomach and intestines. They treat conditions such as gastrointestinal bleeding, cancer, inflammatory bowl disease and jaundice. There is currently a severe shortage of Gastroenterology specialists in NHS Lothian.

Miles Briggs comments:

“These waiting times to see a Gastroenterology Consultant are far too long.

“Patients in NHS Lothian, some of whom are in serious discomfort, should not have to wait over a year and a half for a diagnosis.

“For cases that are urgent it is inexcusable that people should have to wait over 100 days for potentially life threatening diseases.    

“This is yet another example of the Scottish Government letting down Scottish people over health care and a lack of workforce planning.”


Miles Briggs