Regeneration of Edinburgh Promenade Summit

Miles Briggs, MSP, is planning on holding a summit at the beginning of 2018 to raise ideas and identify potential investors for the regeneration of Edinburgh Promenade. The Promenade has traditionally been a popular tourist attraction, however in recent years’ tourist numbers have declined.

Ideas already considered have been:

  • A Community Space

  • Improved street lighting

  • More events during Edinburgh festival

  • Space for allotments

  • A dedicated cycling area along the promenade

The summit will include residents, local businesses, Councillors from the area and any others who would like to be involved in the project. The project will aim to increase growth, make more jobs and improve facilities in the area. There are lots of examples across the United Kingdom where seaside promenade areas have significantly benefited from investment and new initiatives such as pop up restaurants or the development of a new art scene.

Miles comments:

“This is a great opportunity to make plans for an area that has so much potential.

“The Promenade is one of Lothian’s hidden gems and more can be done to attract people to the area.

“I have already heard lots of excellent ideas for the Promenade and now I want to make them happen.”


Miles Briggs