Scottish Government Delays on their Commitment to Increase Train Capacity for Musselburgh

The Scottish Government have not honoured their commitment, on 15th September 2016, to increase train capacity by 40%. They had planned to introduce the new six car Class 385 train that are “longer, greener, quicker” by early 2018, but this has now been delayed to late 2018.  ScotRail are still using the Class 380 trains and are not able to provide trains with 6 carriages for all on peak services, with only 3 carriage train being used for some on peak services.  

Miles Briggs MSP comments:

“It is incredibly frustrating that the Scottish Government have delayed the introduction of the new Class 385 trains to the end of 2018, almost a whole year.

“Train users pay a lot of money for a train ticket and it is not good enough that there are not enough seats, or that they have to get a later train.”

East Lothian Councillor for Musselburgh Katie Mackie comments:

“I welcome ScotRail having 6 carriage trains for some peak services, however, they must ensure that there are 6 carriage trains for all peak services,

“It is unacceptable that people using the train to commute to work are left behind on station platforms due to capacity issues on the train. This does not make for a flourishing economy.

“With over 5,000 new homes due to be built in the Musselburgh and Wallyford area, ScotRail need to monitor train capacity closely as demand for train services increases”.


Miles Briggs