Briggs Call for Healthy Supermarket Promotions with Clear Labelling

News Release from Miles Briggs MSP:

Briggs Call for Healthy Supermarket Promotions with Clear Labelling

Miles Briggs spoke today at Parliament in the debate on Obesity.

Two thirds of all Scots are overweight and we have one of the worst obesity records in the OECD with 29% of adults being classed as obese.

As well as leading to hypertension and heart disease, obesity is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking and is linked to 13 types of cancer.

The total economic costs of obesity to the nation once wider economic impacts are taken into account may be as high as £4.6 billion every year.

The Scottish Conservatives support moves to restrict multi-buy promotions on junk foods high in fat, sugar and salt, as of course a number of supermarkets have already done themselves.

Food Standards Scotland has identified that almost 40% of all calories, 40% of total sugar and 42% of fats and saturated fats were purchased on price promotion in 2014/15.

Consumer spending on price promotions in the UK is the highest in Europe and 50% of foods high in fat, sugar and salt are purchased on promotion.

Polling commissioned by Cancer Research UK demonstrated that nine in ten parents believed supermarket promotions impacted on what they buy. 

Miles Briggs comments:

“The Scottish Conservatives are giving our backing to plans that we think would make a significant difference and help change behaviours.

“It is obvious the influence that promotions have in supermarkets, therefor the potential reach and impact of restricting such promotions is clear to see.

“These proposals have also been shown to have broad public support, with 3 in 4 Scots wanting to see the balance of promotions shifted towards healthier items.

“There are clearly market opportunities for supermarkets and retailers.

“Consumer should also have access to the most relevant and useful information about their food, clearly labelled, in order to be able to make the best informed choices.

“Scotland needs to take a broad and ambitious if we are to turn back the tide on obesity levels which are already affecting so many individuals and families and costing our society and economy so much.”


Miles Briggs