Briggs Welcomes Forget-Me-Not Dementia Garden Plans at Lauriston Castle

A dementia friendly ‘forget-me-not garden’ is to be planted in the grounds of a Lauriston castle in Edinburgh. The Council’s Culture and Communities Committee yesterday agreed to the creation of a specially designed garden. The garden will be designed and managed by the Edinburgh Forget-Me-Not Garden Trust. The sensory garden will provide support to people with dementia and raise awareness for the disease. The Trust is applying to the Council’s Finance and Resources Committee for 25-year-lease of Lauriston’s Gate Lodge to establish a drop-in centre and support network for sufferers and their family, friends and carers.

Miles Briggs comments:

“This is an excellent idea to support people with dementia and their families, as well as raising awareness for the disease.

“The sensory garden provides an escape from the city where people can reconnect with nature and be in a calm environment.

“The Forget-Me-Not Trusts project build’s on the great work that has been done to make Edinburgh a dementia friendly city and break down the stigma associated with having dementia.

“I hope that the Trust are successful in their application for a 25 year lease for this much needed drop in centre.”


Miles Briggs