Those in Edinburgh and Lothian Paying More for Less Under the New Budget

Miles Briggs has taken part in today’s budget debate remarking on how Lothian has received a poor deal. Miles talked about how it is an real indictment of this SNP Government’s failure to build capacity in the social care sector that delayed discharge cost the NHS £132 million in 2015/16.  Miles drew attention to the fact that since 2010 the UK Conservative Government’s protection of the NHS budget and indeed investment in extra NHS resources has meant Scotland’s NHS has benefitted substantially, with £2.154 billion extra in money for our NHS here in Scotland since 2011.

In Edinburgh and Lothian we have a severe social care crisis and the SNP government is doing nothing to improve the situation. Lothian hospitals regularly have more cases of delayed discharge than any other part of Scotland due to an inability to put in place care packages. As well as the issue of delayed discharge in hospitals, more than 1000 elderly Edinburgh residents are waiting in the community for an initial assessment for help with social care – many have been waiting for more than a year just for this initial assessment. Another 1000 older people in the city have been assessed as needing support but are on a waiting list to receive this.

Miles Briggs comments:

“Edinburgh and the South East of Scotland is the only part of Scotland where the economy is actually growing, but this is not being reflected in the public services that they receive.

“The people I represent across Edinburgh and Lothian, are once again being so badly let down by this SNP government and will face being hit hard by new SNP income taxes and council tax rises, and then have the pleasure in many cases of paying more for less.”


Miles Briggs