Ancient Pilgrimage route to St. Andrews Revived

News Release from Miles Briggs MSP:

Ancient Pilgrimage route to St. Andrews Revived

The Way of St Andrews have revived an ancient pilgrimage to St. Andrew’s in Fife. There are six pilgrimage routes, three of which go through Edinburgh. St Wilfrid’s Way is from Hexham to St. Andrew’s via Jedburgh, Roslin and Edinburgh. Ladywell Way is from Motherwell to St. Andrew’s via Linlithgow and the Forth Road Bridge. St Margaret’s Way is from Edinburgh to St. Andrew’s via Fife Coastal Path.

The pilgrimage is inspired by the great pilgrimage in Spain, where over 300,000 people do the Camino de Santiago (The Way of Santiago). The pilgrimage is open to everyone, regardless of personal belief.

Miles has written to the Scottish govt. about the promotion of the St Wilfrid’s way as a Pilgrimage Route that could provide a valuable boost to tourism and the local economy in Edinburgh and Midlothian.

Miles Briggs comments:

“This is an excellent initiative by The Way of St Andrews.

“The pilgrimage has real potential to boost tourism as well as local economies along the route.

“A pilgrimage does not have to be made for religious reasons and can be a very worthwhile thing for someone to do for their own personal reasons.

“I would encourage anyone to do a stretch of The Way of St Andrews for whatever their own reasons are.”


Miles Briggs