Bed Crisis at Royal Edinburgh Hospital with Reducing Bed Numbers

Beds at REH have dropped over the last 10 years consecutively from 447 to 344 over the last 10 years, a reduction of 103, 23%.

Despite increased numbers of people using mental health services, SNP Minister continue to reduce the number of beds.

At the Merchiston and Meadow Wards, “A member of staff advised us that patients are reluctant to go out on pass, as there may not be a bed for them when they return to their ward” (Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Merchiston and Meadows Ward Report, page 2).

At the Hermitage Ward, “For those patients who have been able to leave the ward on an overnight pass, we were informed that there is an issue about having a room to return to. One patient told us that they had to pack their belongings prior to leaving the ward and returned to find that they were in another room. Another patient explained that they were reluctant to go on pass due to their concern about coming back and not having a room, or being placed in another ward.” (Royal Edinburgh Hospital, Hermitage Ward Report, page 4).

Miles Briggs comments:

“Is this what it has come to under the SNP that patients do not want to leave their ward because there might be someone in their bed when they come back?.

“It is staggering the extent to which SNP Ministers have mismanaged NHS Scotland over the last 10 years, such as consistently reducing the number of available beds as demand rises.

“SNP Ministers have time and again shown that they don’t have the competence to deal with the problems in NHS Scotland.”


Miles Briggs