Briggs Wholeheartedly Agrees with the Need for Better Communication from NHS Boards to Patients

MSP this afternoon at Holyrood have debated the need for NHS Boards to provide more accurate waiting times for patients who are waiting treatment.

The target treatment time has increased tenfold since the guarantee was introduced in October 2012.

This means that one fifth of all eligible patients are having to wait for more than 12 weeks to receive their treatment.

In Lothian, between the end of 2012 and the end of 2017, no fewer than 25,288 patients had to wait for longer than 12 weeks, the worst performance by far of any NHS Board in Scotland.

This is yet another indication of the particular pressures affecting capacity within NHS Lothian as our population continues to grow and demand for services rises year on year.

Whilst some cases are more complex and and therefore the specific needs and requirements of a patient, based on clinical advice, might prevent a 12 week treatment time, the vast majority of these missed targets are down to capacity and staffing pressures within our local health services.

Miles Briggs comments:

“The failure to put in place proper national workforce planning is the thread that runs through all of this SNP Government’s NHS failings.

“There is nothing more disheartening for a patient to expect treatment within a set period only to be told towards the end of that period that they will have to wait many weeks or months more.

“The Treatment Time Guarantee has failed many patients in Scotland, as one constituent recently said to me, it has simply given false hope!

“I wholeheartedly agree with today’s motion on the need for NHS Boards to communicate honestly and accurately about expected waiting times.”



Miles Briggs