Briggs Calls for Investment to Meet Lothians Growing Population

According to National Records of Scotland (link) Midlothian, East Lothian and City of Edinburgh are the top three areas for projected population increase in Scotland.

Edinburgh’s city bypass is already struggling to deal with the number of commuters every day and SNP Ministers are hiding from taking any actions over this big challenge.

NHS Lothian staff are already under a huge amount of pressure from volume of patients they see and it is only their hard work and dedication that keeps NHS Lothian afloat.

Whenever asked about difficulties in individual health boards the Scottish Governments is that it is the responsibility of individual health boards and they refuse to provide each health boards with the support that they need.

The increase in population will also require additional housing, which are not being built fast enough to meet current demand.

GP services in Scotland overstretched with the majority of Lothian GP practices working on a restricted list, not allowing any more patients.

Miles Briggs comments:

“Edinburgh and the Lothian has by far the highest projected population increase in Scotland.

“This will have serious implications for infrastructure and services within Lothian that will require significant investment to deal with.

“SNP Ministers need to be planning for this now, instead of reacting to the pressures that come with population increase once it has happened.”


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Miles Briggs