GP Practice at Sighthill Health Centre due to Close Imminently

The single GP practice at Sighthill Health centre is due to close on June 30th because the practice has not been able to recruit a new GP.

Miles has written to NHS Lothian and Shona Robison asking what actions they are taking to save the practice, but has not yet received a response.

The current GP partner retired on the 1st April 2018 meaning that a locum doctor is currently covering at the practice.  

Locals say the practice has provided excellent patient care since the building opened in the 1950s, providing generations of families with high quality care. 

There is regeneration in the area with multiple housing developments being built and planned, therefore patients will require more GP services not less.  

Presently there are 3 large practices nearby areas with restricted or closed lists. 

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, comments:

“The failure to recruit a new GP at the Sighthill Health Centre GP practice is a reflection of the GP crisis that we have in Scotland.

“The Scottish Conservative ‘Save our Surgeries’ campaign is designed to prevent surgeries, such as the one at Sighthill Health Centre, from closing.

“The closure of the Sighthill GP practice would be a real loss for the community and practices such as the one at Sighthill will continue to be under threat if SNP Ministers do not start taking this GP crisis seriously.”

Ashley Graczyk, Sighthill/ Gorgie Councillor, comments:

“There are 3500 patients being expected to split between existing medical practices with restricted or closed lists in the nearby area.

“This does not include the further 1000 people who will be housed in the new builds behind the current clinic or the new homes being built at Longstone and the Gyle.

“I would be very interested to know how the Scottish Government expects to provide medical services for the current 3500 patients as well as the 1000 new patients, when all the practices in the nearby area have closed or restricted lists.”



Miles Briggs