Briggs calls for a National Review of hospital parking

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative & Unionist MSP for Lothian, has written to SNP Ministers calling for a national review of parking at all Scottish Hospitals.

Parking has become an increasing problem for both patients, visitors and staff and is causing growing difficulties for patients getting to their appointments on time and also causing additional stress for those visiting hospitals.

Local transport to and from the hospitals can take a long time and many routes do not provide realistic options for patients, staff and visitors travelling to hospital appointments, their work, or relatives and friends visiting from nearby communities.

Miles Briggs has asked SNP Ministers to consider a range of options, from expanding opportunities for additional parking close to hospitals to seeking funding to build multi-story car parks, or to build car parks close to hospitals and running shuttle bus services.

At the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, local businesses have stepped in to help deliver a solution to ongoing parking issues facing local residents.

The new car park at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary was funded by Sir Ian and Lady Helen Wood’s charity, the Wood Foundation.

Miles Briggs MSP comments:

“The parking difficulties at hospitals across Scotland continue to increase and clearly need a renewed focus to find long term and sustainable solutions.

“I have written to SNP Ministers calling for a working group to be established to consider how we can deliver solutions to the lack of parking at hospitals across Scotland.

“The NHS in Scotland already faces enough challenges and there shouldn’t be the additional challenge for staff, patients and visitors, of not being able to find a parking space.”

Miles Briggs MSP added:

“Given the financial pressures facing our NHS it may be possible that SNP Ministers can seek solutions from local businesses or philanthropic individuals, like has been the case with Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and see if they are willing to help fund a new car park without diverting funds from vital healthcare services.”



Miles Briggs