NHS Lothian accounts for almost a quarter of Delayed Discharge in Scotland

Delayed discharge costs our NHS over £100 million per year, with NHS Lothian accounting for £28 million of the total.

That means less money to spend on treating patients who require medical attention, while patients awaiting discharge are being kept in hospital for longer than they need to be.

Shona Robison promised three years ago that she would ‘eradicate delayed discharge’ in just one year.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Health Spokesman, comments:

“It is very worrying that NHS Lothian accounts for almost a quarter of delayed discharge in Scotland.

“NHS Lothian faces it’s on unique challenges in social care, but it is very apparent that there areas that they could be doing better in.

“SNP Ministers continue to shirk responsibility for the social care crisis that is happening in NHS Lothian.

“The Scottish Conservatives are calling for a progress review of how integrated health and social care boards are working so that we can ensure that action is being taken to reduce delayed discharge.”


Miles Briggs