Briggs accuses SNP Ministers of incompetency over NHS Lothian financial monitoring

On the 24th April 2018 the Health and Sport committee met with representatives from NHS Lothian to scrutinise their performance.

At this meeting Jim Crombie, deputy chief executive of NHS Lothian, said “The quantum of the funding that would be required to return NHS Lothian to March 2017 performance levels is circa £31 million” (link).

Miles wrote to the Scottish Government to ask what their reaction was, to which they replied NHS Lothian “are not predicting a £31 million shortfall in funding” (see attached).

NHS Lothian also replied saying that this is “£31m is an estimate of the additional investment in new services that would be required to address rising demand in the coming years while also simultaneously returning waiting time performance to the levels of March 2017.” (see attached).

Miles also subsequently followed up on the £31 million shortfall with Paul Gray, Chief Executive of NHS Lothian, who said that a “more forward-looking approach to this rather than saying that, if we had this much money, we could deliver in the same way” is required” (see below).


Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Health Spokesman, said:


“The Scottish Parliaments Health & Sport Committee took evidence from NHS Lothian where the Board states that it needed £31 million to deliver on 2017 services – which still appears to be their position, despite Shona Robison saying otherwise.

“Recent events at NHS Tayside and now in NHS Lothian, show that Shona Robison clearly does not have a grasp on NHS Scotland’s finances.

“Last Month Scottish Conservatives secured action to strengthen the Scottish Parliament’s oversight & scrutiny of our NHS finances.

“The SNP have had a string of incompetent Health Ministers, including Nicola Sturgeon, which fills me with no confidence that the next one will be any better.

“After 11yrs of this incompetent SNP Government’s mismanagement of our Scottish NHS finances it is time for a change.”


Miles Briggs