Briggs challenges first minister to apologise over NHS Lothian over orthopaedic waiting times crisis

2169 patients in NHS Lothian have waited over the 12 week treatment time guarantee in the last year. [1.IPDC Completed Waits tab]

In the last quarter, ending 31 March 2018, 638 (out of 1274 patients seen, i.e. half) waited over the 12 week treatment time guarantee with the longest waiting 10% of patients waiting on average 160 days, almost twice the 12 week treatment time guarantee. [1.IPDC Completed Waits tab]

There are currently 2280 patients on the waiting list 788 of which (almost a third) have been waiting over the 12 week guarantee. [2.IPDC Ongoing Waits tab]

The amount of patients waiting over the 12 week waiting time guarantee has more than doubled since June last year, 314 at 30 June 2017 to 788 at 31 March 2018. [2.IPDC Ongoing Waits tab]

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Health Spokesman, comments:

“45 weeks for an outpatient is a long wait for anyone, but for someone in pain this would feel like an eternity.

“This is not just a one off example, I  am contacted on a weekly basis by constituents who are in severe pain, but have to wait almost a year just to get a first appointment.

“The current waiting times, just to get an initial assessment, are nearly four times longer than the Scottish Government’s own 12 week target.

“£13,000 is a huge sum for most people, but the reality is that some people can’t afford this and are suffering with months still to wait.

“As many constituents across Lothian know to their cost, a large number of whom have contacted me about this, Shona Robison is living in cloud-cuckoo land if she thinks things are improving within NHS Lothian orthopaedic services.

“Demand for these services is increasing fast and the current capacity isn’t able to meet these demands.

“This is a direct result of Shona Robison and the SNP Government’s abject failure to put in place the long term NHS workforce plans to ensure our local NHS can med the needs of Lothian’s growing population and increasing number of older residents.”


Miles Briggs