​​​​​​​Briggs says SNP Mental Health strategy is failing young people in Lothian

Today at Holyrood MSPs will be debating what is considered a mental health crisis in Scotland.

The motion being debated refers to the disappointment that so many working within mental health and the voluntary sector felt when the Scottish Government’s new mental strategy was published in late March 2017.

At the time Miles called the strategy a missed opportunity that would not deliver the transformative change in mental health services that we needed.

The latest CAMHS data published by ISD Scotland last week indicated that during the last quarter only around 70% were seen within the 18-week target, a significant fall from the 84% at this time last year and a massive 20% below the Government’s own target.

NHS Lothian could only meet this target in 65% of cases which means many vulnerable young people across Lothian are currently waiting far too long just to start treatment, something that is placing even greater pressure on struggling families.


Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Shadow Health Secretary, said:

“Despite the strategy and rhetoric from Ministers, the sad fact is that mental health services are still failing too many people across Scotland today.

“Waiting times for child and adolescent mental health services are a particular concern, across the country and here in my own Lothian region.

“Everyone knows that swift, effective support to tackle mental health challenges in childhood is essential to prevent mental ill health worsening and to reduce the risk of it resurfacing in adulthood so these delays are unacceptable and can prove to be devastating for individuals and their families.”


Miles Briggs