Less than half of Edinburgh trains arrive on time

New figures reveal that trains arriving at Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket are more likely to arrive late than on time.

The figures, published monthly by ScotRail, show that trains in the capital are amongst the latest in Scotland.

This year has been a record breaking year for the Edinburg Festival and statically a sixth of audiences come from the rest of Scotland, outside of Edinburgh. The Fringe audience breakdown for 2017 was: 22.22% for Edinburgh, 16.46% for Rest of Scotland, 35.01% for Rest of UK, and 26.31% for rest of world. This year for the Fringe, they reached record ticket sales  which saw a 9% increase. (Culture and Communities Committee, p.20, link)

This year ScotRail put on extra train for the festival (link).

There have been reports of fights this year as platforms are overcrowded (link).

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:

“It is clear that Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket have been under extra pressure this year with more and more people visiting the festival.

“ScotRail have put on extra services, but next year they might need to consider doing even more.

“Edinburgh Waverley and Haymarket train stations are vital for Edinburgh residents and for people who commute to Edinburgh and this doesn’t change during August.

“The Transport Minister needs to work with Scot Rail to ensure a smoother service that doesn’t disrupt peoples travel plans during the Edinburgh Festival.”


*Please find attached ScotRail figures for 22nd July to 18th August.

*Please see link for most recent train performance figures

Miles Briggs