Bridgend Farmhouse offering the chance to buy a "Community Share"

Bridgend Farmhouse are offering people the chance to buy a "Community Share" to become part owner of Bridgend Farmhouse.

The farmhouse, on Edinburgh's Old Dalkeith Road, is a successful and thriving community hub where the whole community can learn, work and grow together for generations to come.

Owners will have an an equal voice in how the farmhouse and all its exciting activities are run, including the training kitchen and (dog friendly) community cafe, the workshops, the garden, the education and skills programmes, the arts and music and special events.

The minimum investment is just £25 and if you are a tax payer you may be able to get 50% of your investment back through a tax-incentive scheme to encourage investment in social and new enterprises.

Back in 2010, local residents met to discuss plans to turn the then deserted farmhouse into a community hub.

Eight years later, thanks to the dedication and hard work of many committed volunteers, and a £1m "Investing in Communities" grant from the The Big Lottery, almost 1,000 people attended the Grand Opening of the fully restored farmhouse in March, and a wide range of groups of all ages and backgrounds are using the centre on a regular basis.

The farmhouse hope to raise £50,000 to meet the final restoration costs, to extend the cafe opening hours and offer and even wider range of community development projects.

Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:

“This is a unique opportunity for people to become part owners of a successful and thriving community hub.

“The farmhouse encourages learning and working together to develop strong community atmosphere.”


Miles Briggs