SNP Car Par Tax to affect 109,884 workers in Edinburgh and surrounding Local Authorities

The latest figures for travel to work flows show that 55,742 drivers travel into Edinburgh from surrounding local authorities to their place of employment and 54,142 drivers travel to work from within Edinburgh, totalling 109,884 drivers.


The Scottish Conservatives have launched an advertising campaign today against the Car Park Tax, with the SNP and the Greens set to vote it through Holyrood.


Miles Briggs MSP and Jackson Carlaw MSP have unveiled an Ad Van at an Edinburgh care home before it travels across the central belt to workplaces that are set to be hit by the parking charge.


The two local authorities who have so far suggested that they will implement the Car Park Tax, charging workers £500 a year to park at work, are Edinburgh and Glasgow.


Lothian MSP Briggs, says that the new charges have not been properly thought through and the impact on families in the capital and surrounding areas has not been considered.


Many people find driving a better option, with ScotRail trains cost soring, constant delays, cancelations and overcrowding, which makes taking the train a much less attractive option.


Other groups who will be hit especially hard by the tax are social care workers, who are already dealing with enough challenges thanks to the SNP social care crisis and charities.


Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:


“It is clear that the SNP Car Par Tax will affect commuters driving into Edinburgh for work if the City of Edinburgh Council go ahead and introduce the new levy.


“These figures show that tens of thousands of workers will be hit by this charge, with £500 straight out of their pay cheque, just for getting to work.


“Driving to work is the only option for some workers and it is the lowest income families, who the SNP claim they stand up for, that will be hit hardest by this tax.


“We all understand the logic behind encouraging people not to drive their cars for short journeys, but this just isn’t the way to go about achieving it.


“This is an unpopular idea that will hit hard working families indiscriminately across Lothian. The SNP Car Park Tax is a complete mess. It’s time the SNP, for once, listened to people and think again.”   




Notes to Editors


Photo of Miles Briggs MSP and Jackson Carlaw MSP unveiling Ad Van at an Edinburgh care home Letham Park Care Home, 205 Ferry Road, Edinburgh.


See the attached PDF: drawn from the 2011 census, page 44 shows the travel to work flows by car and van across all local authorities in Scotland.





Total: 109,884

From within Edinburgh: 54,142 (originated outside Ednburgh 55,742)

Top Local Authority areas going into Edinburgh

12, 381 West Lothian

10,316 Midlothian

10,070 East Lothian

7,923 Fife


Miles Briggs