Samaritans Awareness Campaign for Men – Real People, Real Stories

Samaritans have this week launched an awareness campaign to highlight that men are still reluctant to seek help when they are struggling to cope. The Samaritans today (Monday 19th March) published a survey that revealed two in five men in England, Scotland and Wales do not seeks support  when they need it, because they feel they have to solve their own problems.


The campaign, which is supported by National Rail is called Real People, Real Stories. Stories from men who have been through tough times and overcome them are shared on the Samaritans website. The stories show that other men go through tough times and what a big difference talking to people can make.


Loneliness and isolation can be a big factor in making people feel low, with almost 3 out of 10 men surveyed saying feeling along had impacted them. The survey includes statistics on the main reasons that make men find life tough, including debt of financial worries, 36%, Job loss or job-related problems, 25%, and relationship breakdown or family problems, 30%.


Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:


“I fully support the Samaritans campaign Real People, Real stories that reaches out to men who are finding life difficult and letting them know that they are not alone.

“It is clear that there is still a stigma among men that it is not okay to ask for help, but this campaign will should go a long way in changing that mind set.


Paul McDonald, Executive Director of External Affairs at Samaritans, said:


“We didn’t want to create just another awareness campaign.

“We wanted something authentic and emotive from men who have been through tough times, sharing their really powerful, positive and hopeful stories to encourage other men to seek help before they reach crisis point.”



Miles Briggs