Briggs raises concerns over the implementation of Frank’s Law


Lothian MSP Miles Briggs has raised concerns at FMQs today over free personal care being made available to everyone who needs it across Scotland.


Miles Briggs, Scottish Conservative Lothian MSP, said:


“Two years ago I was honoured to bring forward the Franks’ law bill to parliament alongside Amanda Kopel and it is therefore welcome that we are seeing this progress made today.


“One key area which Alzheimer’s Scotland have highlighted in their recent report, which the government haven’t responded to, is around equality of access to health care for people with advanced dementia.


“Can I ask the Scottish Government and the First Minster, now that this will be asked by councils to deliver, what steps will Ministers take to guarantee that we don’t see a post code lottery develop across Scotland?”


Nicola Sturgeon, SNP First Minister, said:


“We will continue to work with council and of course we will continue to liaise with organisation like Alzeihmers Scotlaand to make sure that people who are assessed as needing personal care, get that and I hope that all members will play their part in that.


“Can I just take the opportunity though to commend all those who have campaigned for this policy, in particular Amanda Kopel, who I think is due a great amount of credit and gratitude from all of us for all of her efforts.”



Miles Briggs