World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD) – Raising Awareness

Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSP) united after First Minister's Questions (Thursday 9th May) to raise awareness of ovarian cancer, in support of a charity campaign marking World Ovarian Cancer Day (WOCD).


Cross-party MSPs stood together on the steps of the Garden Lobby and were pictured holding symbolic white roses for a special photo call, organised by research charity Ovarian Cancer Action and sponsored by Monica Lennon (Scottish Labour MSP for Central Scotland). Ruth Davidson, Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, was one of many Members who joined Monica for the WOCD photo.


The event was part of Ovarian Cancer Action’s UK-wide campaign to promote ovarian cancer symptoms awareness. The charity handed out 33,000 roses in cities across the UK with symptoms card attached, representing the number of women currently living with the disease in the UK.


White roses were also worn by Prime Minister Theresa May, Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, and dozens of MPs in the House of Commons; the Welsh First Minister and Assembly Members to promote life-saving symptoms awareness.


Ovarian cancer kills one woman every two hours, yet according to research by Ovarian Cancer Action, 82% of women do not know the four main symptoms1. These are: persistent bloating, persistent stomach pain, feeling full quickly, and weeing more frequently. Low awareness, combined with a reluctance to visit the GP immediately (70% of women would hope their symptoms disappeared in time) is particularly dangerous. There's no screening tool for ovarian cancer and quick symptoms recognition and action is the only way to detect the disease early. Ovarian Cancer Action is calling on the Scottish Government to fund a Detect Cancer Early awareness campaign for ovarian cancer to raise vital awareness of the disease and its symptoms. 


Lothian MSP Miles Briggs, said:


“Early detection of Ovarian Cancer is the best way to improve survival rates for women.


“If you have any of the four main symptoms, persistent bloating, persistent stomach pain, feeling full quickly or weeing more frequently, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your GP to get checked.”

Miles Briggs